Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Back on (the) track - literulz: Hellyer Tuesday Nite Racing Sep 7, 2010

Despite being three weeks into "cyclocross training" in a base building phase I simply cannot deny the full blown pleasure of getting my hurt on at the track. I especially am partial to the long scratch and points races and that is what Larry Nolan has brought us for the last run of races of the year. So... game on!

40 lap scratch: With a very limited warmup I just hung in and took my pulls. I got gapped with about seven to go and somehow managed to get back on (helped in part by a certain local famous bikeracer with a very familiar tenor ring to his voice) with two to go. I came through and just kept my momentum and just led the thing out for grins. And when the sprint came by I was smacked pretty hard in the face by the reality of just how quickly I've lost all the pop in my legs! But that's okay. I can't expect to be jumping with the track sprints when I've been mostly on a steady diet of running, core strength excercising and doing short-ish endurance pace rides for the last couplaweeks.

5x7 points race: Not really sure how this one turned out but I think I snagged a few points. I kept ending up leading out and shaking my head at how fast the sprints were. But, again, that's not where my focus is right now. What I did get is some great long high-intensity riding in and that's alot more fun to do on the track with a bunch of great people than on the trainer, rollers or some road that's never quite right for the interval I want to do.

Big grinz tonight. I kind of forgot to enjoy the racing toward the end of July. But it's back now. And when I think to a year ago when I had nothing but recovery and running to look forward to, I'm good ol' fashion thankful.