Thursday, January 31, 2008

Put Beginning Here (1 of 104)

So here is yet another blog format for Roy. The old geocities thing was too hard to do (all that bothersome html code to get in the way) and the myspace thing is too - i dunno- it's myspace.

I feel obligated to put some sort of mission statement or something here but the long and short of it is I like to write even if it sometimes comes out clumsy, incomprehensible, fowl or downright silly. And this year is going to be an interesting one with lots of travel and changes and I'd like to continue to write about these things.

I'm also hoping this blog is a good way to stay in touch with folks. At least anyone checking in may have a clue as to what it is that I am up to anyway.

The goal will be two blogs per week. I should say that is the average I'm shooting for. Some weeks may be rotund with verbage and some may be sparse. I plan on cheating on that average by reposting some old blogs too.

So thanks for reading and PLEASE COMMENT!!! One way communication stinks!

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motownrunnergirl said...

you have really good pictures on your blog!! how are you? also, that picture of you below makes me think of fiddler on the roof.