Monday, March 3, 2008

What I Do (8 of 104)

Here I am away from home again. Right now I'm in Wallops Island Virginia. I'm here to install our instrument on a P-3 Orion. We had a marathon day and got alot done. In fact, we got so much done, I'll probably be able to get back home a day early. Good thing since I have to turn around and fly right back out here next Tuesday...

Kris began her new career today. Consequently, Jasper began his full-day school as well. It pretty much kills me to be away right now given those events since I'm sure Kris more than has her hands full.

I really like the aircraft and fieldwork parts of my job but it's a bittersweet thing since it means being away from home and missiong out on things and putting extra work on Kris.

Pretty tired tonight. It's only about 7:30 back home but I'm beat. Time to get some shuteye and be ready to get back in the hangar and finish things up tomorrow.

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