Monday, November 3, 2008

That which is the opposite of down.

Been very busy lately at home working on a little house to put our new batteries and inverter in. We're COMPLETELY starting over from scratch on our solar system including new batteries, inverter and panels. The only thing that will remain from our current system is the gas generator! Yes, this is an ambitious undertaking. We're contracting the electrical work out but I'm in charge of ditches, carpentry and generally everything else. It's been somewhat challenging, to say the least, to stay ahead of the electrical contractors but... so far so good. I've taken a ton of pictures of the progress with the intent to post updates here but I've been too busy. It's pretty damn fun building stuff, though. Too bad I don't have any photos in the computer yet or I'd post something.

Because of all the carpentry, building and ditch digging, I haven't had much time to get on my bike. BUT. I am seriously thinking about taking out a race license for next year!!! I won't go nuts like the old days (racing up to 60 days of the year!!!) but I would like to target maybe a dozen or so road and mountain bike races throughout the year. We'll see... The hard part will be to transition from riding casually (though consistently and with satisfaction) to actual training. I trained for SO many years, though, that it really comes naturally and without a heck of alot of effort. It's just time that's the constraint. Big constraint.

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