Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Crotch is Where the Bike Goes

Last Saturday I showed up for a local race team's weekly ride prepared to introduce myself and then spend the next few hours glued to wheels and doing everything in my power to NOT GET DROPPED. To my disappointment (and dare I admit relief?) there was some sort of hitch in the thing since I was at the announced time and place yet found myself solo. So I had a good three hour ride alone with my thoughts and a few nice views (courtesy of a break in the fog at the top of Patterson Pass).

Then on Tuesday I tossed my Mt. Bike into the truck, dropped my son off at school and rode the Pleasanton Ridge for about three thousand feet of dirt climbing over a two hour ride. Unlike the previous Saturday, I was more than happy to ride solo and it was a sunny day and I had a blast even though I stalled out on four or five of the steeper climbs and had to finish them on foot.

I will probably try to do maybe three or four road races next year but it's really going to be all about the mountain bike racing I think. Mt. Biking is more fun for me. It's SO much less pretentious than the road. You can enter a race and not have to end up hating yourself for wasting so much time and money and family energy only to end up "off the back." And the swag is almost always better.

Now. Is that enough of a commitment to blow a very large amount of cash on a new mountain bike???
That's an Ibis Tranny, by the way.

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