Friday, February 20, 2009

Hello Sanity. Meet Insanity.

With 90% chance of rain for Sunday you'd think I'd think, "Oh well, no race for me this weekend." But NOOOOOO. That would be the normal and sane way of thinking. Welcome to the mind of a bike racer. All I can think is that this is a series, I need to collect points and that I stand a damn good chance of scoring a victory for my little ego (now that I know how to find the f!@@@#ing finish line). And the rain just means less competition! And never mind that I'm sitting here checking the weather for the fifth time and registering for the race at nigh-midnight instead of snuggled in next to my wife in a cozy warm bed.

Side note. Searching for a clever cartoon about bike racing addiction netted me about ten thousand pictures from something called nude bike riding protest or something or other. Hmmm... Not nearly as titillating as it sounds......

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