Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ow My Ballz

I got a vasectomy last Friday.

After two days, my right nut was hurting like getting kicked in the ballz when I moved. That wasn't right.

By yesterday morning it was hurting bad enough that I called the doctor and went back in to see him.

Without buying me dinner or even offering me a coffee, he made me drop trow and fondled my aching nuts. He dismissed me with a "That's just a small infection" and a cycle of Cipro to clear me up.

I said thanks and left but what I really wanted to do was haul off and kick him right in the crotch. That would have been nice.

Oh well. It's starting to feel better but still hurts. Mostly I'm having cycling withdrawal. I'd much rather have a bike between my legs than a swollen nut.

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