Saturday, March 13, 2010

Pffffffffft. Sometimes we get flats in our plans...

Last Sunday I went out to Hellyer to participate in the sprint tournament. This was alot of fun and a reaffirmation that track racing is a good thing. The crit and road race thing is kind of tired even though, for some reason, I can't not do road races and crits but the most fun definitely comes from the track and mtb or cross racing.

The format was to do a flying 200m for time and then get seeded into brackets of six for a round robin tournament. This being my first real timed flying 200m, I watched with interest as, one by one, others did their little mini-flying time trials. By the time it got to be my turn, I had an idea of what to do, though I hadn't had a chance to practice it. I ended up with a 13.66 which is not exactly fast but good enough for 18th of 31. Funny enough, my teammate, Ted, was a mere .05 seconds faster and 17th. Eventually, I'd really like to be timing into the sub 13 second range.

Being 18th meant I was slowest in my bracket and that was apparent through all my sprints. I went 0 for 4 but it was still fun. I learned alot and had a good time in the pits and on warmups/cooldowns. I really didn't feel like I had much pop in my legs all day but didn't really expect to have any given the steady diet of base mileage over the last six weeks or so (not to mention getting sick during that period and erasing a week from training).

Towards the end of the day I was feeling kind of out of gas and running out of energy and even had a little bit of a weird upper stomach pain. I got home, ate a big dinner (since I had skipped lunch while racing) and that's when I started feeling progressively worse and worse. That lead to a sleepless night of throwing up and diarhea. What fun! Kris and Jasper had this same stomach flu starting the week previous and I had hoped to skip it but wasn't so lucky. I was luckier than Kris, however, since she was pretty much the sickest I've ever seen her in our 15 years together.

So Monday I pretty much slept all day when I could stay out of the bathroom. Then Tuesday was only slightly better for my stomach but I had a horrendous headache. Wednesday I was good enough to go back to work but I had to contact the Madera Stage Race promoter and cancel. This was a big bummer since I have been looking forward to this race. But between the sinus infection that robbed me of a week of training a mere week and a half ago and now being sick this week, I simply didn't see the point. In fact, my stomach sort of relapsed yesterday and I'm only at about 80% today. So it will be easy spinning -if at all- this weekend and no racing, for sure.

That's the breaks. It just sucks since I was feeling really great on the bike a mere three weeks ago when I obliterated my previous best time for riding up to mt. hamilton and back by almost 15 minutes and got up the climb from isabel creek to the summit in 35 minutes. Oh well. Hopefully I can knock this damn thing out and get back to real riding. I'm registered for Copperopolis this year and looking forward to seeing what I can do with this newfound climbing improvement. But for now, I just would like to stop feeling sick!

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