Friday, April 2, 2010

Eyes Like Glue

Ever hear a song for the first time and have it hit you like a.. two ton... heavy thing? (bonus if you get that reference...)

I'm on year seven or eight with being rather infatuated with this band and am very pleased that the new Drive By Truckers album is really good. Best since The Dirty South I think.

This song just absolutely positively nails it for me. Not "I like this song" but "Holy crap how did Cooley crawl into my brain and pull that out?!?!!?" where you listen to it five times in a row and still get emocionado.

Eyes Like Glue

I see you watching me
Your eyes are just like glue
Stuck like glue to every foolish thing I say and do
But there's a safer distance still not out of touch
If Daddy's quiet it probably means he's thinking way too much

Someday you'll be a man
You'll have a big old brain
You wont need it but you'll try to use it just the same
But it's like any house lonely people roam around
Wasted empty space a maze with only one way out

Nobody ever told me half the things I'm telling you
Even if they had I'd have had the same look that you do
Sometimes you think it and you want to hear it said out loud
If no one else does then its up to you to shout it out

You'll want to do it all
And you'll believe you can
But when the best that you can do becomes all you can stand
You'll know you're just a man when you feel all the weight press down
Next time you're watching me remember that's all I am now

Lyrics: Mike Cooley / Music: Cooley, Hood, Morgan, Neff, Tucker and Gonzalez
© Razor and Tie Music (BMI)

Mike Cooley - Lead Vocals and Acoustic Guitar / Patterson Hood - Second Acoustic Guitar / Jay Gonzalez - Wurlitzer / John Neff - Pedal Steel

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