Wednesday, February 27, 2008

We're not gonna make it (6 of 104)

Either I need to write more or admit that I may not make my "two blogs per week" for 2008. But what the hey. I haven't really had anything to say.

So I'll rant. Today we are absolutely bombarded in our lives with silly little complications that -more than likely- lead to our being nickle and dimed to DEATH. Being a little stupid and sloppy, I recently failed to make a payment on a credit card (I've been busy!). So I went to the bank showed them my credit card and made a payment directly. A few days passed and they called me to say I hadn't made a payment. I told them I did and they said maybe it didn't post yet. So they called again today and I finally figured out that THEY ISSUED ME A NEW ACCOUNT IN 2003 AND I DIDN'T EVEN FUCKING REALIZE IT!!! So now I have one account with a big credit it on it and I'm still behind on the second one. So I called them and explained the problem and do you think they could just easily take the credit off of one card and transfer it to the other. Of course not! That would be way too flippin' easy wouldn't it?

The point is that there are so many damned pin numbers and accounts and things to keep track of that I simply am on saturation overload. I have to carry two credit cards for my job. And just try to not have a credit card these days. You will quickly find out that oredering anything is difficult nevermind the simple daily tasks of purchasing gas and groceries. What the hell?

There really are only three alternatives for me.
1-Timetravel back to about 1929
2-Go live on a commune and grow my own food and never own a car ever again
3-Get my shit together and somehow manufacture more hours in the week to make sure I'm on top of all this stuff.

Looks like I'm screwed.

My dream is that Jasper will grow up in a world that has figured out that the common man is simply overwhelmed with account numbers, credit applications and good old fashioned information. This utopian environment will also see real live people who speak good english answer phones when you have problems. As a result people will have less stress, be happier and not try to kill each other on their evening commutes anymore.

Sadly, there is simply too much money to be made by smokescreens, bad customer service and good old fashioned sensory overload to the point of apathy towards your own financial well being.

Insert gigantic scream here.

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