Friday, May 30, 2008

Cars (20 of 104)

Even I am kind of surprised that after months and months of deliberating over what car to buy as a commuter I have come up with...


BMW 3-series! I'm looking at the 318 to be specific.

Roy? A Beemer? Roy driving a BEEMER???? I know I know but it actually makes sense. I've always held VW as my favorite and have a soft spot in my heart for the few-and-far-between eurovehicles that have been in my life so... why not? The 318 gets 32 miles per gallon on the highway so makes a nice commuter that is relatively safe and will make a great weekend family car too. And 1995-1998 vintage 318's are quite affordable as well.

Now to find one. That's turning out to be the more difficult part. But hopefully I'll be posting a pic of my new ride in the next couple of weeks.

But then again a couple of weeks is usually all it takes for me to change my mind again...


Anonymous said...

Why not the obvious? A diesel VW golf with manual transmission? Great mileage and fun to drive. We have a Prius and get 45+ mpg but I suspect that is not your style.

-Yohannes, a.k.a. Yoyo

RoyBobJohnson said...

Yo! How nice to get a comment from you!

Prius? Yuck! EVERYONE has them in california! Too boring. In reality, my commute is all driving with no stops so a hybrid wouldn't work.

BUT you and I are on the same page with the VW TDI, my friend. Problem is they weren't sold new in California and the used ones here are DAMNED expensive. I'm kind of holding out for Honda to bring in the diesel right now. If only BMW would bring the 1-series turbo diesel to the USA my search would be over!