Sunday, June 1, 2008

Thanks, Mr. Grothe (21 of 104)

I failed 9th grade science. There. I said it. Roy the engineer failed the intro to chemistry and physics class. Oh well.

Maybe my career has been all about trying to make up for that one class that just caught me at the wrong time in my life and put the exactly perfect combination of distractions in place that lead to my one and only "F"?


I test drove a '94 325is yesterday and have abandoned all hope of being satisfied with the 318. Ug. Being a competent member of the planet and trying not to waste gas yet being a automotive lover are being really hard on my brain!


motownrunnergirl said...

you failed mr. grothe's class????? since we're all coming clean then i'll admit that i got a D in my last semester of senior spanish. con el pollito!!

motownrunnergirl said...

oye, we should try to google mr grothe. do you know this first name??

RoyBobJohnson said...

Wow, I stretched the ol' memory banks but can't pull it up.

I blame failing that class on Andrew Patron distracting me, having a huge crush on Allison Kline and sitting next to her and stuff going on at home. It's not a particularly happy memory.

You had Mr. Pollo for Spanish? I guess that means you took Senior Spanish in your Sophomore year??? We had missy Gonzalez, she was WAY easy.

BTW, did you know my sister was the first person to skip her Junior year and graduate early like you and several others did around our graduation time?