Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Rider Roy

I still live! Haven't been blogging, though.

Bicycling continues to be the old friend that I wonder why I let simmer for so long. I've been loving it. Both my body and my wallet are lighter in reverence to my new dedication.

As Fall looms I find myself in better spirits than most years. I am very much a Summer type of person. To me the Fall and winter are the cold, dark, long, wet doldrums of the year. Extra effort is required in every endeavor.
-Can't make it out for a bike ride during lunch. Well forget it. You blew it. You don't even have the option of riding later in the day cuz it will be dark.
-Get migraines induced by car headlights? Too bad you'll be commuting both ways in the dark for three hours a day...
-Weekends your only opportunity to get out and stretch your legs? Too bad it will miraculously be raining every single weekend for the next four months...
-Does your job really count on clear sky to test new things and check out your equipment? Too bad it will be overcast about 75% of the days...
-Summer riding is easy sneezy and you get a biker tan: Pair of bike shorts and a short sleeve jersey, gloves, helmet and maybe a bandana. Winter riding is a pain in the butt: Pair of bike shorts and a short sleeve jersey, long fingered gloves, tights, some sort of balaclava or head warmer, wind breaker, long sleeve under shirt, maybe booties, fenders, snotty dripping nose, cold water bottles...
-Heat your house with a wood stove? Well guess how much of your precious freetime will be spent on cutting wood, splitting wood, stacking wood for the next four or five months! (Side bonus I have to admit, however is that it is an excellent excercise).

Anyway, you get the idea. There's a reason I escape to the desert when I get the chance. California is a good compromise, however. It's definitely MUCH better than the East Coast winters that I've left far behind me now. I don't know if Northern Arizon just holds the nostalgia of my youthful perspective or if it is the perfect weather-place on the planet for me.

Anyway. Fall and Winter may come and do their usual. I'll try to weather it well this year.

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