Sunday, June 21, 2009

Mount Diablo Hill Climb TT June 19, 2009

Wow. All I can say is that I proved that shit can roll uphill as well as downhill. Really not a best effort. The wind was horrible but everyone had the same wind and that's no excuse. I just really couldn't push hard. My heart rate numbers say I was working hard but the legs and lungs weren't along for the ride. Average heart rate over the race was 181, max was 188.

The starts were at 30 second intervals. Due to no-shows, there was only one guy withing reasonable time ahead of me to chase and I thought was doing good when I caught him in the first five minutes. But then, three minutes later, my 30 second and 60 second guys both came by me. That's it. If there's one thing I've learned about myself and time trials it's that I NEVER do well in a time trial once I'm caught. It's mentally just too hard without knowing you're shitty enough to get caught and will never make that time up again. I was eventually passed by my 90 second, 120 second guys. Then, to make it all that much more demoralizing I was caught by my FIVE minute guy. Then eventually my 150 second guy.

End result was a horrible time of 36:09 and 19th out of 30.

This sport can be a cruel bitch sometimes. Especially when today I can go out and set a new personal best time on my mountainous 50 mile bench mark ride. WTF???


Despite the tone, today is a good Father's Day. My family got me a cow bell! The sweetest sound will be my son's voice yelling Allez! Allez! and ringing that cowbell during the cyclocross races this Fall.



Scott said...

Hey I came in one place in front of you at 36:08. This was only my second time up N. gate rd and the first time I did it for practice in 41:30, so I was actually ecstatic at taking 5.5 minutes off of that time even though it wasn't a very competitive time with the rest of the field. It was a good time for me though for as little as I ride, and I feel like my fitness is on the rise this year greater than in the past.

RoyBobJohnson said...

Hey, great job. It's been pointed out to me that a)I've been a little hard on myself and that b)in being a pouty baby about my results, I've diminished the good rides that others have had.

This represents a rebirth into bike racing for me and, as a young man, I enjoyed a high degree of success as a Cat 5 (eventually getting to be a moderate Cat 3) so I sometimes forget that I'm not 20 years old anymore.

So keep up the great work. It feels damn good to be getting stronger doesn't it? If you see my gray beard and black Ibis at the races, come say "hi."