Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hellyer Friday Night Fights (finally): June 25, 2006

Finally made it out for Friday night racing! It's definitely a notch above the regular weekday races and fun to race for a bigger crowd too. After three hours of driving over to pick Jasper up and then getting down to the track I was a little weary already and only had a few minutes of track time so there was essentially no warmup for me when I took the rail for the 20 lap scratch race. I tried to take a few big pulls and force myself into waking up but the body said, no way Johnny Ray. So off the back I went (for the first time this year!). I hit the rollers and got my body good to go for the 30 lap points race. I sat in and watched the first two sprints then went for the third one, scoring third. Recovery was good and I managed to do the same thing on the next to last lap. So four points scored probably wasn't enough to make omnium points but it was educational to sprint in a different style from what I usually do. Usually I go from WAAAY out - like a 400 meter sprint. Last night I kept them shorter, more like true 200 to 300 meters.

Next was the REAL fun. Jasper raced the kiddie kilo!
Thanks to Garrett Lau for the photo.

The horrible videos are from me (and Jasper in a wierd handoff at the end of the last one which comes off kind of funny to me since it accidentally catches us natural-like).

It got garbled by my crossing my wheel on the rollers but the first rule is "Have Fun." And we did it right!

Shortly after that last video it was clearly time to go so we packed up and didn't look back. I suck at the Miss and Out anyway!

It was a great time and I can't wait for the next opportunity to enjoy a Friday Night at the track. Probably won't be doing the huge traffic headache of going to the track via Livermore, however...

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