Thursday, July 8, 2010

Tuesday Night Racing: Hellyer July 6, 2010

Steve Jones stepped up and is promoting a short series of Tuesday night races to fill the gap between Larry's early and late season Tues. night races. The format is similar with a concentration on longer races but only two events per night (yay!). So we had a 25 lap scratch race and a 40 lap points race.

25 lap scratch...
I decided I wanted to race this tonight instead of using it as a high intensity warmup. Start position was good right at the front. I took a hard one lap pull right off the bat trying to get things heated up and it kind of worked as we had a good pace. I think there were was a flyer that got pulled back pretty quickly. With 15 to go I went off the front with one other guy. I though it was a suicide move and we weren't working too well together at first. After about four laps I finally convinced my breakaway partner to take full lap pulls and that worked much better. The pack never got organized and we stayed away. We got caught by two guys with two laps to go but they must have burned themselves up bridging since they were nowhere in the sprint. I led out from turn two at about 85% gas and then notched it up to full blast with about 150 meters to go and held off (barely) second place for the win! Wow! Even a three legged pig gets a little somethin' somethin' now and then.

Points 8x5 (40 laps):
A good stretch and -thankfully- the legs were up for more racing. I was feeling the earlier long break and sprint but was able to consistently snag points and even won one sprint which was good enough for fourth place.

That gave me 6 omnium points total and the guy who was second in the scratch race also came in second in the points race also giving him 6 points. But tie breaker goes to me (I think?) since I had the better placing between us. W00t squared! So I have a valid omnium win to claim upgrade points since there were 13 competitors.

So it's only a weeknight race but it counts!

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