Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hardware: Hellyer Tuesday Night Racing, July 13, 2010

With all the "Somedays your the hammer, somedays your the nail." Tour De France talk I hesitate to use that suddenly overused expression but dayum if I wadn't feeling like a number 16 galvinized gettin' laid into by some waffled 32 ounce true tempered carpentry hardware tonight at the track. Wow, that sentence must be as hard to read as it was to try and write (note I said "try to write").

I was on the fence about whether to do the A race or B race and decided that given my past weekend I would be better off in the B's. What about the weekend you ask? Well Sunday morning I had to move my new washing machine into the laundry room which happens to be up in the attic. I couldn't ring up any help so I lugged that fucker up the stairs all by myself and - as you'd expect from a man of my declining years, messed up my back. No biggie, just a real solid tweak to remind me of my growing-by-the-day inability to get away with shit like that.

So what did I follow that up with? Oh, how about 4'000 feet of climbing over 50+ miles? Oh and did I mention that I didn't get out on the road until 1:30 in the afternoon and it was HOT as Hades in August. Okay it wasn't that hot but I was measuring over 100 degrees on the Garmin.

So flash forward to tonight's warmup and my realization that my weekend kicked me squarely en las nargas and I haven't really recovered. So B race was a good decision only WAIT! Wait for it... Attention: There will be no B race tonight due to low turnout in the C race. So B's can go up or down, choose. After someone had already flattered the hell out of me coming up out of nowhere to tell me they noticed my win last week, I just couldn't go sandbag the C race.

The rest is a hazy blur of pain, humiliation, speed and misery. I went off the back once in the Scratch race and lost count of how many laps down I was in the 60 lap points race. The only thing I can feel good about (other than at least sticking my neck out with the A race) is that I stuck out the points race and was one of the last six people still on the track at the end!

So ouch! But not too demoralizing. I might go back out again tomorrow night but given the low hours of sleep I'm gonna tab up tonight I dunno.

If you're reading this and you aren't me, thank you. Really, thank you.

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