Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tuesday night Racing: Hellyer July 20, 2010

Lighter than usual traffic (more like, less heavy than usual...) got me to the track with time for a solid warmup this week which I kind of felt like I needed to get the old body going. Combined B and C fields tonight and that's where I ended up.

25 lap scratch race: My only motivation for the scratch race was to try and keep it fast. That doesn't seem fair to the C racers but crashing sucks and slow races induce that sort of behavior so fast it was. There was a cookie prime which I screwed the knobs up to eleven to win (haha, how stupid is that?). That combined with doing most of the work to keep things rolling made me tired for the sprint. I missed the move but almost stole second on the line but third was my satisfaction.

5x8 (40 lap) points race: Not much to say here, no one wanted to help with the pace. Everytime someone pulled off the front and went uptrack, two or three people would stay on their wheel and go up and the pace would slow down again. It got pretty dang annoying to tell the truth. But it was good inspiration to lead out my own sprints and fight anyone off who tried to come around. I don't know what the points totals were but I got the W.

So the third and the W also gave me a win for the omnium! Kris says I shouldn't poopoo my own results and Steve Jones assured me the race counts for upgrade points but it doesn't feel like a valid win when I know how hard and fast some of the B races were earlier this year. But good results are often the result of who bothers to show up and race as much as they are luck and -dare i say it?- getting faster smarter and better at the racing in general...

So Friday night is on the agenda! That will be a good reality check. And fun too!

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