Thursday, June 19, 2008

Back to Business (25 of 104)

Ug. Here we go again. The NASA P-3B arrives here today for us to re-integrate our instrument and begin another field campaign. Last time I had to fly to Wallops Island Virginia (three frickin' times) so I'm happy to stay local this time. The only bummer is we don't have hangar space! That means working outside in the plane and the forecast is for 99 degrees tomorrow. I love this job sometimes...

So Friday and Saturday we sweat and curse and then Sunday will be a test flight then Monday or Tuesday will be a local science flight for the California Air Resources Board and then Wednesday is a day off and then Thursday it's off to Cold Lake Canada (in Alberta) for two and a half weeks of science and mosquitos and "black flies" (whatever the hell those are that everyone seems to be concerned about!).

I'm going to try to blog much more frequently on this deployment and try to capture the experience. Usually I'm so burned out and tired after a day in the field I really don't feel like opening up my computer but it would be nice to capture things this time. I imagine it could potentially become quite boring!

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