Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Careers (24 of 104)

I do not believe in absolutes but I do believe in breaking things down into simple terms. When my brain goes into this mode, I find it entertaining to try to capture it. Usually, having written it down, I realize it's either not a very original thought or that it's not as deep as I thought it was.

Anyway here's what started developing in my brain yesterday.

There are three types of career mind-sets. A few people fall into just one category and most are a combination of the three with one dominant. Which are you???
A) Drive: This person has goals, and the measure of success is quite high. The main drive to this person's career is position, title, well-defined metrics and earning peer respect. Driven people probably work way too hard.
B) Reward: This person is driven more by having a work atmosphere that is rewarding in that the coworkers, work production and schedule are all in line to minimize stress, maximize home life and give them a reason to not hate going to work.
C) Pay: Maximizing income is the driving force for this person. They'll take a promotion for pay only. They'll take a job they don't want for pay. They'll stay at a job they hate if the pay is good.

I think I'm probably mostly a B) person with C) being my next driver (sorry to say) and A) being the least important. But this is probably the kind of thing you really can't judge for yourself. Hell the whole excercise might be flawed. I'm sure there are other things that drive people in their day to day pursuit of work.

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