Friday, June 27, 2008

Oh Canada (28 of 104)

No flight today. Today was mostly about getting settled in up here and (for the scientists) doing flight planning for tomorrow etc...

The plane landed in major rain downpour yesterday so, despite eleven hours of travelling, I had to hit the ground running here to drain some rain water, take the skins off the instrument and check for water damage. I did a complete test today and found no problems so I think we'll be okay for science tomorrow. Of course I really won't know anything until the plane goes up high and the potential for ice screws us up. Hopefully all goes well.

The setup here is less than ideal. We are living in military housing, and (worst) eating at the mess hall. Yay. I suppose there will eventually be an opportunity to get out and explore but the work usually comes first and the off days are few and far between.

More on the experience etc... later on. For now I'm tired. It's been a long first day of trying to push round pegs through square holes...

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