Sunday, June 29, 2008

So far so good - workwise(29 of 104)

So far the work here in Canada has gone well. The instrument is working quite well. There was a flight yesterday overflying forest fire plumes and apparently it was pretty brutal between the bumpiness and the cabin smoke smell. It was the kind of day that makes me happy I don't fly. There will probably be more of the same today but a longer flight.

We're staying in the military housing here and eating at the mess hall. That's okay. It's not the finest accomodations but it works. We aren't permitted rental cars either so it's almost like being in the military!

The biggest bummer is that I seem to be in the midst of my first full-on gout attack. My Dad got it at my exact same age so I guess it was bound to be. It really sucks though since walking is excruciatingly painful and I'm walking up to five miles a day between the distance across the ramp to the plane and going over to the mess hall and the dorm. I've been taking a ton of tylenol and using icy hot and that knocks the pain down a little but not nearly enough.

Gotta get my ass to the plane!

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