Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Back Home (32 of 104)

Well chronicling the trials and tribulations of a typical field deployment sort of petered out there didn't it. The fact of the matter is that after about a week, you fall into a rhythm and it gets kind of mundane. Then homesickness and - sorry to say - being around the same people all day long day in and day out just gets old. I mean, I genuinely like all my coworkers and get along great with everybody but after awhile I just need to get away from the work and be by myself. With no rental cars and no way to get around that just wasn't possible on this deployment so I just put my head down and got over it. I hope I didn't end up too grumpy for the people I was with. I try not to get too surly in the field but it does happen.

So I got home last night and it was a great thing! Jasper's developments, both physical and mental, always leave me staggering and I actually find myself trying to catch up with what he is now capable of doing. It's such an amazing experience to watch a little human grow!

Now I'm off for a few days and then will be diving back into it. That's a good thing, actually. There is a fairly common phenomena known as post-deployment-depression where you try to go from working all the time with no distractions in the field to suddenly being back home and trying to readjust. What typically happens is work production goes into the basement and motivation gets really low. The best cure is to have something to do. And I'm not done traveling yet so I'll need to hit the ground running next week. Until then, it's R&R time with only a little work to be done from home!

It's good to be home!

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