Friday, July 25, 2008

July 24 and 25 rides

Date: July 24, 2008

AM Weight: 198.5

Bike: Green Booger Ibis

Ride Time: 70 minutes ß including fricking stop lights

Ride Distance: 16 miles???

Ride: Work to castro to shoreline to Montebello to foothill to arastradero to blah blah blah typical lunch time ride around mt. View and los altos with a teaser into Palo Alto.

Ride Thoughts: Took it easy. Left Achilles tendon hurting. Damn, an injury to ride through already? Feels VERY similar to the infamous right Achilles tendon injury of winter ’95-’96 when the doctor looked at me with surprised eyes and said, “I never heard THAT sound before!” (it was literally creaking like an unoiled hinge which is exactly what it was).

Date: July 25th, 2008

AM Weight: didn’t

Bike: Tomac Mt. Bike

Ride Time: 35 minutes

Ride Distance: ??? 8 miles???

Ride: From Great America Train station to Work

Ride Thoughts: Damn Achilles tendon! Started feeling a little motion sick on the train so was glad to get off and get some air on the bike. I KNOW this Tomac frame is too small but I really like the bike and I don’t seem to be having ANY of the neck and hand numbness issues that have plagued me for the last five years. Hmmm, maybe digging less trenches around the property and paying more attention to my posture in front of the computer is paying off???

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