Thursday, July 24, 2008

July 23, 2008

Date: July 23rd

AM Weight: Was 200.5 lb. a few days ago.

Bike: Green Ibis antique Mountain Bike converted to 26” road bike.

Ride Time: 90 minutes

Ride Distance: 23 miles? No computer.

Ride: Work to Steven’s Creek Damn and back.

Ride Thoughts: Feels pretty good for having been AN ENTIRE YEAR since my last “real” ride! Started to get calf and right hamstring tension after about on hour. Should lower seat a little. Otherwise felt damn comfortable on the bike! Coming back through Mt. View on Castro Street had TWO separate instances of assholes on cellphones not paying attention. First ran me up into the curb and the guy apologized a hundred times. The second person I could see was looking at the cell phone and not driving so I gave a knuckle rap on her fender to wake her up. Come on people! PAY ATTENTION WHEN YOU DRIVE!!!!!!

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