Sunday, July 6, 2008

Le Tour (31 of 104)

Ug. Yesterday was a "hard" down day. That means a day off. So I laid on my bed and watched almost three hours of Stage One of the Tour De France. The longer I watched the more depressed I started to get. Sometimes I really miss my old cycling days. I like to think I got the most out of it while I was doing it but the truth is that I really took alot of the adventure, freedom and fitness for granted. At the time I couldn't conceive of a life on not training and racing or at least bike commuting and riding for pleasure. But here I am. I've tried and tried to figure out how to make more time in my schedule for riding but haven't figured it out yet. I really just don't have time in my day of ten hours at work and three hours commuting and then trying to be a dad. It's pretty frustrating. I'm not complaining about my life, I'm just feeling a little low about the life I don't have now.

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